Aging in Place

Aging-in-placeHome is Where the Heart is!

We specialize in helping elders age in place. 

  • Assessment
    Our thoughtful, comprehensive assessments take into account your elder’s physical and emotional needs. We take the time to truly get to know your loved one so we can understand what brings them “moments of joy.” 
  • Knowledge of community resources.
    We know the ins and outs of Rochester’s landscape for aging services. As an independent private practice, we can tell you what service providers you can trust to care properly for your loved one. 
  • Advocacy to ensure that your family’s preferences are respected and needs are properly met.
    Our focus is on what is best for your particular family circumstances.  We do not accept any commissions from community agencies.  This means that you can be confident that we will act in your family’s best interest. 
  • Facilitate communication between family members, physicians, and other service providers.
    Our role is to understand the entire situation, including medical treatment plans, medications, behavioral issues and family dynamics so that everyone is on the same page, contributing to a seamless, high quality home care plan.
  • Medical appointments & medication management.
    Accompanying elders to medical appointments means that your parent’s physicians have an accurate understanding of the elder’s problematic issues.  You can rest assured that all recommended labs and referrals to specialists are scheduled.  Nurse Care Managers implement a system to ensure that medications are taken as prescribed. 
  • Out of town families can count on our “Eyes & Ears.”
    Families who reside outside of Rochester can depend on their Care Manager to keep an eye on all service providers to make sure that your elder is being treated with respect and that their needs are being properly met. We have the time to listen closely to your and your elder’s concerns and make necessary changes to insure comfort and safety. 
  • Counseling support.
    Transitions are difficult. Sharing a cup of tea and a favorite snack with their Care Manager, conversing right at their own kitchen table, can help reassure an elder when the situation may seem overwhelming. 
  • Long term care services are expensive!
    We help you understand benefits that may be available to your elder, including Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans Assistance. Marsha specializes in helping families understand Long Term Care Insurance policies and filing a successful claim. 
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