Aging in Place


“I Want to Stay at Home!”

A senior’s desire to stay in their own home is called “aging in place.” By aging in place, seniors can remain in a familiar and cherished home and have dignity and control over their daily routine and activities. But you may be worried that it’s unsafe for your elderly parent to live without home care assistance.
If staying at home is a priority, we can help you assess the situation, conduct a home safety evaluation, create a roadmap for local home care assistance, and monitor this personalized plan over time, making adjustments as needs change. You will receive a care manager that is dedicated to your family, who will partner with you from start to finish.

A personal note from Marsha Raines, our founder: “When I was a student at Columbia University School of Social Work, my beloved grandmother moved to a nursing home. I witnessed her longing for the comfort, dignity, and memories of her home. When I began Aging Well Rochester, my commitment was to help seniors be able to age in place. After 35 years, I remain strongly committed to this philosophy. I can promise you that I will do my very best to help you implement and supervise a safe, dignified, and comfortable home care assistance plan for your loved ones.”

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Best home care assistance in Rochester

Maybe your elderly parent lives with a condition that impacts their balance. You worry about fall prevention, especially when bathing or dressing. Or perhaps the senior in your life has dementia (for instance, Alzheimer’s or vascular dementia, Lewy Body disease, or Parkinson’s). They can no longer manage household chores or meals. You or a caregiving spouse may be exhausted. Is driving a concern? What senior transportation options are available if your elderly parent stops driving? We know the ins and outs of local senior care services and can help you find the best home care assistance in Rochester. Because we are an independent private practice, we can tell you which service providers you can trust.

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What is the cost of home care assistance?

Senior care services are expensive, especially those that focus on home care assistance. We help you understand possible sources of payment, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Assistance.  Marsha specializes in helping families understand long-term care insurance policies and filing a successful claim.

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Fall prevention

It may be that the home needs to be remodeled to address common senior care needs such as fall prevention. An age-in-place bathroom design might include a walk-in shower, grab bars in the bathroom. An age-in-place kitchen design might include better lighting, or a stove that turns off if cooking has been “forgotten.” A home visit and careful assessment of the senior’s needs and preferences is the first step. We conduct a home safety evaluation to identify needed changes for fall prevention. We then advise you on what renovations will make the house safer and give specific recommendations on trusted contractors for age-in-place remodeling in Rochester.

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Caring for parents long distance

Families who live far away are always worried. Understandably so! It’s difficult to care for elderly parents when you cannot visit easily. Let us be your “eyes and ears.” You can depend on your parents’ dedicated care manager to visit regularly in the home and make sure your loved ones are safe and well cared for. If there are health changes—which happens often in senior care—you will be alerted and we will work with you to recommend any needed modifications so your elderly parent remains safely supported.

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Medical advocacy: Staying abreast of medical issues

Senior care often requires a deep knowledge of the elder care network and who, locally, are the best doctors in Rochester. You receive the benefit of our decades of experience. We can make recommendations and serve as a patient care advocate for your elderly parents so they receive quality services that align with their personal goals of care. Families can trust that their dedicate care manager will schedule and accompany their loved one to important medical appointments, and follow-up with labs and subsequent visits with specialists.

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Medication management for seniors

Does your elderly parent take a lot of medications? Do you worry they will run out of a prescription, or forget to take their pills as directed? Our team of Registered Nurses can help you rest easy by implementing and monitoring a system that ensures all medications are taken as prescribed and refilled as needed.

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