Caregiving families are often referred to our practice by a trusted physician, attorney, trust officer, financial planner, neighbor or friend.  We are pleased to share some testimonials from real professionals who work in our community and from caregiving families.

“I have referred many of my patients and their families to Marsha over the last 28 years because of the compassionate, prompt and complete service that she provides.  I never have to worry about a patient of mine falling through the cracks.”

—Mitchell Ehrenberg, MD
Linden Medical Group

“As a long time Trust Officer in the Rochester community, I rely on Marsha and her team to assist my clients with all of their needs.  It is a relief for me to know that my clients are in such good hands while I focus on management of their finances.”

—Lynn M. Carleton, CTFA, CSNP, AEP
 Vice President and Trust Officer
Tompkins Financial Advisors

“I wanted to thank you and Denise for all your help and guidance over the last two months.  Brad is happily ensconced at his new Assisted Living residence and none of this would have happened without my having been given your name and both of you giving me gentle prodding to get the job done. And your immense help in getting it done.  Your analysis of the long term care insurance policy was huge for me.  That was my greatest stumbling block.  I wish good people like you were easier to find when one is struggling with these health issues.  You really feel lost.”

—Mary Ellen Hindson
Rochester, NY

In our initial visit with Marsha regarding our living situation with my aging mom, she was able to objectively give us a strong recommendation for the best situation we should strive towards for our family.  Marsha’s direct honesty helped us place our Mom in her recommended facility in 2 weeks’ time.  Her direction helped us eliminate many wasted hours and financial resources of navigating the many healthcare services available.  It was time and money well spent.  We are indebted to her expertise and guidance during this difficult transition time.  We recommend her highly.  

—Kathy and Mark Stefanik
Rochester, NY

Marsha has been our guide to where we are today – happily settled into our new Assisted Living home.  She helped us in making the decision to choose assisted living and assisted us in deciding which residence best suited our needs.  Marsha arranged visits and accompanied us on tours.  She then took care of all the details of moving, including supervising the packing at our former home and arranging items in the new apartment.  Marsha kept our children who live out of town informed of each step on this path.  She did all of his with competence and understanding and continues to be a dear and special person in our lives.  We can never thank you enough, Marsha!

—Roy and Joyce Welkley
Rochester, NY

My parents needed more assistance and support than I could give working full-time in another state.  They were facing medical issues and needed to move from their home of 60 years to a living space suited to their needs.  Marsha was instrumental in helping my parents make the transition to a one-level apartment and setting up a personalized support system to provide services allowing them to live safely and independently.  Her team of care managers arranged for movers, got my parents settled successfully, interviewed people who would be helping my parents, and shared resources with me to help manage the house sale process. My parent’s Care Manager has been there for the medical emergencies that crop up, attended doctor appointments, offered advice and support when needed, and assisted my parents in many other ways that can’t all be listed here.  They have been there for happy occasions as well, helping to arrange a nice experience the day of my son’s wedding that they were unable to attend in person. We have come a long way since that first phone call. My parents are happy, and I feel relieved to know that Marsha is there to help when I can’t be, keeping me informed and checking in when needed.

—Katy Liotta
Oak Hill, VA

“Marc and I are grateful for the caring attention and service that you and Denise provide for Ruth.  Your firm has been a godsend to our family.”

—Joyce and Marc Johnson
Rochester, NY

Faced with the challenge of moving my mother from Florida to Rochester, I knew that I needed the specialized and caring services that Marsha Raines provides.  Marsha and her amazing team counselled my family on our options, helped to research appropriate settings for my mom, and facilitated the complexities of relocation, medical records and insurance.  Most importantly though, Marsha helped me with the emotional roller coaster of moving my elderly mother, and provided my mother with counseling support to help her transition.  I treasure Marsha’s advice that the goal is for me to be there for my Mom as her daughter, not just as her caregiver. 

—Jill Eisenstein
Rochester, NY