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Recently our family had to make some tough decisions about my Mom’s care. She has advanced Alzheimer’s and needed to move from the facility she has been living in, but to where? We spoke with Marsha Rains and she helped us a great deal. She has much professional as well as personal experience working with elderly people and their families. She listened not only to “ the facts” that we needed to express, but also to our feelings; in fact she encouraged us to express how we were feeling and what we really wanted for Mom at this point. After she listened and understood the situation AND our feelings she was very informative and she objectively offered us good suggestions in a kind and understanding way. She helped us make - with confidence- what we believe is the best decision for Mom at this time. I am very satisfied and grateful for Marsha’s help and will not hesitate to call again if we need further help in the future.
Response from the owner: Susan, thank you for writing this lovely endorsement for Aging Well Rochester! I am so pleased that you found our work together to be helpful. I understand that there is seldom only one "good" option for care issues and it is important for care giving families to consider their parent's values and priorities while making such important decisions.
Marsha was extremely helpful in addressing our questions and concerns. At the end of our discussion, we definitely had a plan of action. She was frank, yet tactful and sensitive at saying what needed to be said. We recommend her to any families dealing with care taking of elderly ones.
Response from the owner: Thank you most sincerely for your kind endorsement Diane! I am glad that you and your family found our consultation to be helpful. It was very nice of you to take the time to provide me with such a lovely review. Thank you!
Marsha is the calm in the storm. My stepmom fell and broke her back. I was spending 10 hours a day at the hospital, trying to work full time, and take care of my diabetic dad. I was completely lost and overwhelmed with all of the decisions that needed to be made, and didn’t know where to start, or who to trust. The guidance and explanations Marsha gave me were invaluable. I can’t thank her enough for her wealth of information and explaining what the options were and what to realistically expect.
Response from the owner: Kara, thank you so very much for your kind words! Most of all, thank you for your trust and confidence. I sincerely appreciated having this opportunity to work with you.
Marsha Raines; Founder & CEO of Aging Well (Rochester, NY) is the woman that you need to consult with, if you have ANY questions regarding the broken, complicated, frustrating (understatement) & absolutely soul bending/breaking experience of having to care for your elder sister/brother/mother/father/aunt/uncle etc......in Rochester, NY (& likely nationally).Marsha's a "no bones, no hassle, get the job done," down-to-earth, honest, straightforward kind of business woman and she saved MY butt when it came to a serious communication breakdown between the ONLY facility that had occupancy availability for my elderly Mother.She works within an integrity level that is rare, by today's standards of what is professional.I cannot rave enough.....about her. If you are in need of someone with 35 years of experience in this radically changed & continually changing environment of healthcare for the elderly, I cannot think of anyone more qualified than Marsha Raines. I am very grateful to have made her acquaintance.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your incredibly positive review! You absolutely made my day! To be honest, it is harder than ever to find viable care plan options for our clients. Community resources are insufficient to meet the growing need for eldercare services. Thank you so very much for recognizing that I, along with my team of care managers, try to lead with our heart when helping families make difficult decisions.
While searching for a reputable organization to perform a PRI for my 95 year old Dad I reached out to Aging Well Rochester.Marsha Raines returned my call immediately (I left messages with others and waited a few days) she put me in touch with her nurse Jodi Limner who scheduled a no non sense quick appointment at a very reasonable cost (others had a higher price plus travel charges).I would highly recommend Aging Well Rochester with your elder care!!
Response from the owner: We understand how stressful it is to transition an aging parent into a care residence. For this reason, we make every effort to provide our PRI service in a timely and sensitive manner. Thank you very much for your kind words!
We were overwhelmed with choices and had more questions than answers when faced with moving a family member into assisted living. Marsha helped tremendously to prioritize our actions and narrow our choices. She answered all of our questions and put us at ease. I highly recommend her.
Response from the owner: Thank you most sincerely Doug for your kind endorsement! I appreciated having the opportunity to work with you and your family. It was truly an honor to partner with you.
Marsha was so helpful during the time when my elderly father was ill. Every time I reached out via email or voice mail, she returned my messages almost immediately, within the same day, even when it was after working hours. She helped my family cut through the conflicting information that I was getting from various sources regarding elder care in the Rochester, NY area. I feel that we were able to save time and focus on the important things after meeting with her. So grateful.
Response from the owner: Our commitment is to provide personalized, professional and attentive services. Thank you for your kind words! I am so happy that you found our work together to be helpful.
My conversation with Ms. Raines was extremely useful. My life presented an opportunity to learn very quickly about assisted living options in the Rochester area. After a detailed conversation, she was able to recommend three sites which fit our needs. Without her help, we'd still be looking at sites and not be able to focus our efforts on the details of actually moving.
Response from the owner: I am delighted to learn that you found our consultation to be helpful! Thank you very much for your kind review.
I continue to be so grateful for the care and expertise that we received from Marsha, Sue, Ester and the rest of the team at Aging Well Rochester for our Mom. It was such a relief to know that we could count on them to provide kind, warm support to all of us. The other thing that was so important was their knowledge and understanding of the different options available to us and the best ways to work with other professionals in the field of elder care. We can’t thank them enough!
Response from the owner: Martha, so very nice to hear from you! Thank you for this lovely endorsement. I am proud that our team of Care Managers are not only experienced geriatric professionals, but genuinely warm and compassionate people who sincerely care about their clients.
Marsha was a HUGE support in helping our family find quality care for my Mom who has Dementia. She took the time to answer our questions and concerns with respect and compassion. I am glad that we got to meet with her. She’s put a lot of my family’s concerns at ease and is always there if we need her. I wish more people acted with kindness such as this in the medical field - the world would be a better place!
Response from the owner: Thank you so very much Jennifer for this wonderful endorsement! Your kind words mean a lot to me! I founded Aging Well Rochester 35 years ago with the goal of extending kindness, respect and compassion to all of the families we work with and am so pleased that we were able to help your family during this very stressful time! Thank you!
Thank the good Lord that my wife researched and was able to find Aging Well Rochester and Marsha Raines when my daughter suffered a serious stroke. We had moved to Florida three years earlier and it was not possible to visit her and help with the needed healthcare management.Marsha and Jodi were there to guide us through the process to insure that she could be placed in a facility that could properly provide the care she needed. Given the healthcare crisis in this country, this was not an easy process.They were there each step in securing the best possible care and provided relief from the guilt we felt being so far away from Rochester. The compassion and professionalism of Marsha and Jodi were second to none. We are so very grateful for the service they provided throughout.
Response from the owner: Your daughter was blessed to have such caring parents. We felt honored to partner with you to help find the best possible care. Thank you for your very kind words. Thank you most of all for sharing your very special daughter with us.
I reached out to Marsha @ Aging Well Rochester at a critical point when my dad was hospitalized and needed advice and assistance with coordinating next steps. Within 48 hours, I had had an in depth initial consult with Marsha, agreed to retain her services, and she made calls and was able for me to put in motion a tour and his eventual placement at a wonderful and caring Hospice facility.After my dad's passing, Jennifer worked with my mom over the next few months as she adjusted to all the changes. She was kind and compassionate and very knowledgeable on the process my mom was going through.I would recommend Aging Well Rochester for straight forward advice and counsel to anyone who is feeling "lost" in the confusion and maze of options with aging loved ones.
Response from the owner: Kathy, it was a sincere honor to work with you and your family. I am so happy that you found our services to be helpful! I know that Jennifer truly appreciated having this opportunity to support your dear mother during her time of loss and grief. I am grateful to have Jennifer on our team as her geriatric Social Worker experience combined with her compassion makes her a true asset to our elderly clients!
Marsha Raines provides much-needed assistance navigating a complex system during high-stress times. She is excellent at what she does. She asks important questions, listens, is efficient and very dependable.
Response from the owner: Thank you for this very kind review. I am so glad that you found our professional services to be helpful.
Our family worked with Marsha Raines of Aging Well Rochester at a crucial moment when our mother was experiencing a decline in her physical capacities after living on her own for most of her adult life. Marsha was our guiding light throughout the process: explaining, with compassion, the various options for Mom; guiding us through the application process for both rehab and long-term care; and ultimately, settling Mom in at her wonderful new home where she is safe, comfortable and happy. I wholeheartedly recommend Aging Well Rochester!
Response from the owner: Your endorsement means so very much to me Lynne. It is especially meaningful that you found my professional manner compassionate. I do try to keep in mind that the elder we are focused on is cherished by their family. It was truly an honor to work with you.
Was connect with Marsha from Aging Well Rochester while searching for assistance with understanding the system and what is needed for elder parent. Marsha provided me with information, guidance, and took the time to explain differences between assisted living, independent living, and what questions to ask while interviewing for a new home for my mother. Valuable information. Marsha continues to follow up to assist if needed. Very pleased and so glad found Aging Well at a crazy time.
Response from the owner: Thank you Janine for your lovely endorsement! I am so happy that you found my professional services to be helpful during this stressful time for your family.
Coming to grips with a parent's decline and figuring out how to meet their needs can be a terribly stressful ordeal. Marsha and her team made it vastly less so. Marsha's calm demeaner, wisdom and professionalism were invaluable during the 8 months during which my father's needs were rapidly changing. She has a wealth of knowledge about resources available in the community and was able to bring them to bear quickly. I will be eternally grateful for the emotional support she provided during the entire journey.
Response from the owner: I am grateful to have had this opportunity to partner with you to help establish a safe and comfortable care plan for your father. You have gone “above and beyond” in your commitment to respect your father’s autonomy and preferences. I am glad that you have found our services to be helpful, but it really was you, his son, who is the hero of your family’s story!
At a time when you don't know what you don't know, Marcia knows! She asks the right questions, narrows the choices, and provides direction. She definitely helped us feel more confident as we moved forward, and she was thoughtful enough to follow up to be sure we were making progress. Highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Although our practice has grown, our commitment to providing personalized and professional services remains a priority! I am so pleased that you found our consultation to be helpful. Thank you for your kind endorsement. Very much appreciated.
Marsha's experience and knowledge are invaluable to our family during this difficult time! We can now take the necessary steps for our parents' care with confidence. Extremely helpful!
Response from the owner: Thank you Michele for your very kind endorsement. I am so happy that you found our consultation to be of value.
Marsha and staff were exceptional in their guidance though the difficult and unfamiliar journey of finding quality care for our aging parents. For over three years, they were able to anticipate needs, advocate for our parents, and provide support for them through various crises. We are so thankful for their expertise and compassion through all the changes. We highly recommend Aging Well Rochester to anyone seeking help with aging loved ones.
Response from the owner: Caring for your parents was truly our honor Becky! We had the time to develop such a nice and warm relationship with your parents. They will be sincerely missed and fondly remembered.
I just want to thank Aging Well Rochester for their assistance to complete an urgent PRI for my stepmother and also one for my father in case we needed it. The nurse went above & beyond to do that for us as we fortunately found a bed quickly for my stepmother. All went well & she is now receiving wonderful care at St. John's Home. Thank you Marsha and your staff - you made a difficult situation much easier.
Response from the owner: I am so happy that you found our PRI & Screen service to be helpful during this stressful time for your family! Our wonderful nurse, Tracey, always goes out of her way to get this assessment done as soon as possible and is an amazing professional and compassionate person. I will share your kind words with her. Thank you!
Marsha Raines was incredible--responsive, caring and very knowledgeable. She helped me navigate options and provided excellent counsel. I highly recommend Aging Well to you if you are facing a difficult and emotional situation with a loved one who needs ongoing medical/rehabilitation placement and services. Marsha exceeded my expectations. Christine L.
Response from the owner: Chris, your dear spouse is so fortunate to have you by his side! I was honored to help you implement a plan to bring him back to our community for rehabilitation services. Thank you for your very kind words.
Our initial consultation with Marsha Raines was very informative as it provided our family with a starting point concerning a long term care plan for our aging father. Her knowledge, experience and compassion allowed her to assess where each of us were in dealing with the emotional stress of the situation and provide recommendations to get us moving in the right direct with a long term care plan. Marsha helped us narrow our focus to ask the right questions regarding our next steps in care for our father. Thank you Marsha!
Response from the owner: Thank you Glenn for your very kind words. I am so glad that you found my professional support helpful during this stressful time for your family.
We were exceptionally fortunate to have Marsha Raines of Aging Well Rochester assist us in placing my wife in an appropriate facility. She guided me through all the paperwork, answered every question I had and resolved every impediment that we found in the process!Thanks so much Marsha!
Response from the owner: It was sincerely an honor to provide you with support during this very stressful and painful chapter of your life. Thank you for your very kind words.
Response from the owner: Thank you for sharing such a great rating!
We received great service from Marsha. Highly recommend. Navigating rehab and long-term care can be daunting. Marsha breaks down the ins and outs and helps bring the family to consensus on the best next steps.
Response from the owner: A sincere thank you for your very kind endorsement Paul! I am so happy that you have been pleased with our professional services.
Our family reached out to Aging Well Rochester for an understanding of the options and to seek clarity as to next steps for our elderly father regarding his future care. Marsha provided our family with the assistance, guidance and resources necessary to make a decision that was best for our father. Marsha's response to e-mails and phone calls was always in a timely manner and we truly appreciated all of her knowledge and expertise and would not hesitate to recommend Aging Well Rochester!!
Response from the owner: Jean, it was an honor to work with you and your family. Thank you for your lovely endorsement. Your kind words are greatly appreciated!
Marsha understands the world of aging and the decisions that need to be made. She has both the education and experience to navigate a complex system to secure the best care as well as the expertise to guide throughout the process. My wife and I are grateful for her depth of knowledge, experience, skill, and compassion. We plan to use her as a resource for years to come!
Response from the owner: I find it to be very satisfying when I can use my professional experience to help people with pre-retirement planning! A very warm and sincere thank you for your endorsement Bill!
Marsha Raines and her team have been a gift to my family. I'm on the West Coast, and her local knowledge has been extremely valuable in locating care options and knowing what to look for. Her direct style does not shy away from talking about tough issues, and in fact, makes it easier to devise a care plan. Marsha is a gem.
Response from the owner: Geographic distance makes it so very difficult for even the most devoted daughters to help aging families! I am so glad that you have found our services to be helpful and I can promise you that we will continue to do our very best to help your father.
I truly appreciate the advice Marsha has to share. She has a great way of putting things into perspective and knows her stuff! Thank you for the advice, help, and input while trying to figure out the next steps with my parents.
Response from the owner: Jim, your kind words mean a lot to me! Thank you! It was a sincere honor to work with you and your family.
I hired Marsha Raines to help me find the best Nursing Home for my husband. She was professional, quick to answer any questions I had, told me all I needed to do, and quick find him the right place. She was extremely helpful and compassionate with this difficult undertaking . I highly recommend anyone searching for a home for their loved one call Marsha before doing anything else!
Response from the owner: Jane, I so appreciate your kind words and am very happy that you are so pleased with my professional services! It has always been a stressful process to help a beloved spouse transition to a care residence and this horrible pandemic has made it even more difficult. I appreciated having this opportunity to work with you and your family and am confident that your dear spouse will receive excellent care.
Marsha level of expertise in this field has been tremendous. She explained the changes that occurred in the nursing homes industry. She took the time to research nursing homes for me and this afforded me time to focus on my mother's medical needs. I found Marsha to be resourceful and committed to helping me through this difficult time. I would highly recommend her service to you.
Response from the owner: Thank you for turning to me for advice during this very stressful time for your family. I sincerely appreciated having the privilege of working with such a devoted daughter!
Response from the owner: Thank you!
We moved our mom to a memory care residence, and in just a few short weeks we realized that it was not the right place for her. Distraught that we had made a horrible mistake, we needed help. I contacted Marsha and she met with our family to help sort things out. She took our concerns seriously, consulted with other industry professionals to assess our mom, and found us a better place for her. Just two weeks later we were able to move mom to a wonderful residence that cares for her properly and gives us all peace of mind. We are so grateful for Marsha and her ability to navigate the challenging world of eldercare on our behalf.
Response from the owner: Your Mom is blessed to have such a caring and committed family to help her obtain the very best care! I am grateful that you found my assistance valuable. Thank you for your kind words.
My husband, Bradley, needed to be moved to an adult home due to my inability to continue caring for his needs. I had no idea where to turn until Marsha Raines name was given to me. It is very difficult to navigate this process while you are under stress and her kindness and actions got the process started making it much less painful. I highly recommend her for her insurance knowledge which was extremely helpful to me.Mary Ellen Hindson, Rochester, NY
Response from the owner: Thank you, Mary Ellen, for the privilege of being part of your support team during this very traumatic time for you and your dear husband. I am glad that my expertise in long term care insurance helped Bradley get on claim and receive the benefits he was entitled to.
Marsha Raines assisted our family through the most trying time of our lives with Mom. She was extremely knowledgeable about placement, finances local care available and placement. She was personally involved in contacting the care facility to assist in mom getting placement.Her recommendation of the Presbyterian Home was spot on. All grants recommended came through and we were able to continue her care until she passed away.Thank you Aging Well. I would recommend her services highly.
Response from the owner: Louise, your dear mother was so blessed to have such a caring and committed family. May her memory be a blessing to you. I very much appreciate your kind review. Thank you.
My parents needed more assistance than I could give working full-time in another state in 2015. They were facing medical issues and needed to move out of their beloved home of 60 years. Since then, Marsha and her team have been instrumental in supporting my parents, and me, through good times and bad. They arranged movers, set up and attended doctor appointments, arranged for aides and companions to assist my parents in living safely and independently, and checked in on them to be sure they were comfortable and happy. Marsha has been an incredible resource to me, providing information and advice when needed in a direct yet sincere manner. I feel relieved to know that Marsha is there to help when I can’t be, keeping me informed, and checking in when needed. She is an incredible resource and advocate for the elderly and their families.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Katy, for this heart felt review! Our commitment is to treat each elderly client with the respect and compassion that we would want our own aging parents to receive. I am sincerely grateful for your confidence and for this opportunity to work with your family!
I contacted Marsha two weeks ago. I quickly learned that a PRI, exam to determine the level of care was needed to go into a nursing home. I was given 10 local agencies that could do it. I chose "Aging Well". Marsha was so personable on the phone, getting all the fact. She was able to arrange the exam in 5 days. The nurse showed up on time and my aunt chatted away. Two days later I got an urgent call from my aunt begging me to find her a new place immediately, she had a horrible weekend and wanted out. So, I called Marsha back that same day and asked her to take our case on and help get my aunt placed ASAP. She was pleased to help. She sent me the 3 applications to the facilities my aunt wanted by the end of the day. She kept in close contact with me the next couple of days with words of encouragement while I scrambled to get the information. I submitted the first one. Marsha personally went into the facility and spoke to the intact person giving her more details of my aunt. 5 days later, I moved my aunt into the facility she wanted. Here is a photo of her reaction. Marsha is focused, very knowledgeable, explains the process well, upbeat and is very encouraging. I would work with her again in a heart beat. She is the best.
Response from the owner: Susan, it was an honor to partner with you to help your beloved Aunt find "just the right" care residence! I understand that helping a family member move to a nursing home is a very stressful situation and I am glad that you found our professional services to be helpful. Thank you for your kind review.
I have been working with Marsha since 2008 planning for the aging process and various transitions for my parents.She has always been incredibly helpful, knowledgable and available. Over the years she has grown the organization, but still maintains that level of support. Her manner is caring and supportive yet direct, a quality that I have found very comforting and helpful during stressful transitions. I can't recommend highly enough.
Response from the owner: Mark, thank you so very much for your kind review! We are committed to providing personalized services to help care giving families. It continues to be an honor to partner with your family.
Aging well Rochester did an AMAZING job of helping my family deal with my experience and Hospitalization with Covid 19. Marsha worked with my children and family and the hospital staff to make sure that I would receive the care needed upon my return home. I can't thank them enough for making this experience as easy as it could be.
Response from the owner: Michael, our entire team of Care Managers rejoice at your return to good health! Thank you for your kind words.
Living more than 500 miles away from Rochester, visiting my mother as often as we would like was a challenge. Luckily I found Marsha Raines and her colleagues at Aging Well Rochester. Their visits to my mom were so frequent and warm that the staff at the nursing home thought they were family! Actually that's how we think of them. In addition to the care and support for my mother, the feedback and advice Marsha and her colleagues provided us was always timely and helpful. I consider the day I found Marsha to be one of my luckiest. I can't imagine the last few years without Aging Well Rochester! Thank you for enriching my mother's life and ours.
Response from the owner: Dave, thank you so very much for your kind review. We sincerely appreciated having this opportunity to partner with you on your dear mother's care. We will hold our memories of your mother close to our hearts. Thank you.

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Caregiving families are often referred to our practice by a trusted physician, attorney, trust officer, financial planner, neighbor or friend.  We are pleased to share some testimonials from real professionals who work in our community, and from caregiving families:


I have referred many of my patients and their families to Marsha over the last 28 years because of the compassionate, prompt and complete service that she provides.  I never have to worry about a patient of mine falling through the cracks.

—Mitchell Ehrenberg, MD
Linden Medical Group

As a long time Trust Officer in the Rochester community, I rely on Marsha and her team to assist my clients with all of their needs.  It is a relief for me to know that my clients are in such good hands while I focus on management of their finances.

—Lynn M. Carleton, CTFA, CSNP, AEP
 Vice President and Trust Officer
Tompkins Financial Advisors

Marsha Raines and the staff of Aging Well Rochester were a big help navigating care for my mom.  They advised about how to get a cognitive assessment when I thought that was what was needed and easily pivoted to assisting with nursing home placement and being with my mom when I could not be with her once she received a terminal diagnosis.

 I assisted my mom in finding a rehabilitation placement several times after joint replacement surgeries and falls and each time found the process overwhelming.  So glad I finally got professional help with this task and, we both benefitted from a trained pair of eyes and ears and another friendly face visiting while my mom was in the nursing home.  

Linda Phillips,
September 28, 2021

I have twice consulted with Marsha on my dad’s situation and both times she has given me invaluable advice and information. She pointed us in the right direction when we were desperately spinning our wheels. She is smart, approachable, and reliable. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for us.

—William Clauss, Esq.
Rochester, NY
September 13, 2021

In our initial visit with Marsha regarding our living situation with my aging mom, she was able to objectively give us a strong recommendation for the best situation we should strive towards for our family.  Marsha’s direct honesty helped us place our Mom in her recommended facility in 2 weeks’ time.  Her direction helped us eliminate many wasted hours and financial resources of navigating the many healthcare services available.  It was time and money well spent.  We are indebted to her expertise and guidance during this difficult transition time.  We recommend her highly.  

—Kathy and Mark Stefanik
Rochester, NY

Marsha has been our guide to where we are today – happily settled into our new Assisted Living home.  She helped us in making the decision to choose assisted living and assisted us in deciding which residence best suited our needs.  Marsha arranged visits and accompanied us on tours.  She then took care of all the details of moving, including supervising the packing at our former home and arranging items in the new apartment.  Marsha kept our children who live out of town informed of each step on this path.  She did all of his with competence and understanding and continues to be a dear and special person in our lives.  We can never thank you enough, Marsha!

—Roy and Joyce Welkley
Rochester, NY

Marc and I are grateful for the caring attention and service that you and Denise provide for Ruth.  Your firm has been a godsend to our family.

—Joyce and Marc Johnson
Rochester, NY

Faced with the challenge of moving my mother from Florida to Rochester, I knew that I needed the specialized and caring services that Marsha Raines provides.  Marsha and her amazing team counselled my family on our options, helped to research appropriate settings for my mom, and facilitated the complexities of relocation, medical records and insurance.  Most importantly though, Marsha helped me with the emotional roller coaster of moving my elderly mother, and provided my mother with counseling support to help her transition.  I treasure Marsha’s advice that the goal is for me to be there for my Mom as her daughter, not just as her caregiver. 

—Jill Eisenstein
Rochester, NY

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